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Built on 30 years of experience, Barnett Upholsteries are a professional upholsterers and an AMUSF approved Upholstery Training Centre, we provide both accredited and non-accredited courses and classes. 

We are based in Battersea, Central London where our courses and classes are carried out within a fully functioning studio workshop environment.

 Latest on Classes and Courses:  

Currently we are accepting applications to all our AMUSF accredited and non-accredited courses and classes starting in September 2015.

The Centre opens on Monday the 7th September 2015.

One Day Taster Class

Five day Course

AMSUF Certified Course



  How to Apply: 

  • Choose from our list of COURSES which class or course you wish to take.
  • Apply for a course or class, by filling in the BOOKING Request Form.
  • Fees and dates are also listed under BOOKING.
  • If you have an enquiry or wish to discuss personal requirements please call Sara on 020 7622 9347.


At Barnett Upholsteries we are serious about what we do, we understand that our Training Centre needs to be an enjoyable and stimulating place to acquire new skills and upholstery techniques, to this end we are committed to helping our students broaden their knowledge and achieve their potential.

We offer courses and classes of quality, in a vibrant socially diverse environment, our students come from a range of backgrounds with varying skill levels from the beginner right through to the graduate and professional. They might wish to develop or acquire a new skill for the pleasure of it or to get a job in the furniture industry or to launch a business as an upholsterer, furniture designer or furniture maker, they might indeed already be working in the furniture industry and wish to expand their existing skill set.

To this end we offer a variety of upholstery courses and classes which cater from the absolute beginner, right through to the advanced upholsterer. We take great pride in developing your potential, so please have a look through our unique range of courses.



 Join us and stay in touch.

 Upholstery classes in London  


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