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The Association of Master Upholsterers (AMUSF) Accredited Courses





 The AMUSF courses are designed to give a progressive programme of professional qualification giving students a thorough grounding in the skills, techniques and materials of traditional and contemporary upholstery. 

The AMUSF accredit programme of courses each taking 210 hours progressing through 3 stages with a pass required to advance to the next stage. An AMUSF certificate is presented for successful completion of stage 1 and then 2, with an AMUSF Diploma awarded on successful completion of stage 3. 

 AMUSF Stage 1 - Craft Certificate - 210 hours

Flexible start dates and course programme options

 Registration     -       £60

One day course programme completing one stage of 210 hours over a 42 week period. £2,625.00

Two day course programme completing 2 stages consecutively of 210 hours each over the 42 weeks period. £5,250.00

Intensive Course Programme Option: 
Complete 1 Stage in 42 days i.e. 8.2 weeks. £2,625.00
Complete 2 Stages in 84 days i.e. 16.4 weeks - £5,250.00
Complete 3 stages in 126 days i.e. 25.1 weeks - £7,875.00

 AMUSF Stage 2 - Intermediate  Certificate - 210 hours.

Flexible start dates and course programme options
 AMUSF Stage 3 - Diploma - 210 hours.

Flexible start dates and course programme options


Paid at the end of the course 





Students may choose to study over the 42 weeks a two day programme covering two stages of 210 hours each or a one day programme covering one stage of 210 hours. 




Non-Accredited Upholstery Courses & Classes


Start Date



5 Day Intensive          

Starts every Monday
Places always available.
Book now





Start Date


  10 Week Evenings (Tuesday)


Every Tuesday



 Group Upholstery Experience
  10.00am to 6.00pm



  Please ring to obtain details and to
organise your day.


£180 x10


  1 Day Taster (SATURDAY)
10.00am to 6.00pm


These classes has been suspended.




  1 Day Workshop

        Every Day
  For existing students only.


  ½ Day Workshop

         Every Day
  For existing students  only.



  To apply for a course or class. 

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Don't forget, if none of the above dates are suitable then please let us know. We try to accommodate you as far as our own lives and the realities of our workshop permit it. If you want to discuss a project or if you would like to book a course call Sara on 020 7622 9347

Tools will be provided and all other upholstery materials are available for purchase on site.


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