Student Testimonials 

We believe one of the best indications of our success is how our students feel. Here you'll find some of our students' testimonials.


 Lucy Hadfield   - (5 Day instensive Course )posted Facebook in October 2016. 5 Stars

I did the 5 day intensive course and it was really good. Bob gives individual tuition, according to your level and needs. His standards are really high and he is a wise teacher. I was more or less a beginner and with some work at home, I managed to re-upholster 6 Danish dining chairs and and completely refurbish a wood chair, which was exactly what I wanted to achieve, plus I learnt a lot. Meet some nice people on different courses and Sara was very helpful.


 Sophie Cronin    - (AMUSF Stage 3 Diploma )posted facebook in September 2016. 5 Stars

I have spent near on 3 years of my life in this wonderful place. Having just finished my diploma (with distinction - thank you Bob!) i feel i have legitimate reason to give a full five star.

Nearly three years ago i started this epic course thinking that i might learn a few "handy DIY skills", and perhaps how to make a cushion.

Well, i didn't.

What i have learnd would take three years to write, the detail, the finesse, and the artisan skills.

i would say to anyone thinking of developing skills and wanting to learn ( it is not easy)

Everything is achievable, Bob and Sara, helped me, and i thank them!


 Hannah Thompson   - (5 Day instensive Course )posted google+ in April 2015. 5 Stars

I have just complete the 5 day intensive course, plus 1 extra day a week later.I worked on a chair for a friend, intending to have it finished in the 5 days. In hindsight I would have taken more care in choosing my project (and taken advice from Bob and Sara), as i overran and had to pay for an extra day. This was because much of my first day was spent taking the original upholstery off, and re-gluing dowel joints in the frame that had become weak from attack by furniture beetle/woodworm. whilst frame repair is a good skill to learn it is something i could have avoided doing it in the class by choosing a frame in better condition, or repairing the frame myself beforehand. Barnett Upholsteries is a great environment for beginners to learn in. With only about 10 people in each class, Bob always has enough time to help everyone. Although I was only there for a week leisure course, i felt equally valued as the other students taking the AMUSF qualification. it is great inspiration to see the students working on a wide variety of projects, and to chat about them over lunch. the 9-3 schedule (with 1 hour for lunch) ensures you don't get too tired, and start making frustrating mistakes at the end of the day. I have ended up with upholstery I am really proud of (albeit on a slightly shabby frame) and am looking forward to my next project! I would happily return to Barnett's, and I would recommend the week intensive to those who are really keen to try upholstery - but be prepared to work hard - its a long process for a beginner to get their head and hands round, but its so satisfying to sit down on it at the end. also the cafes nearby (Storm and Corelli's) are the best and cheapest in london!


 Verna Nizzola  - (5 Day instensive Course )posted google+ in April 2015. 5 Stars

Fantastic Course. From the first contact with Sara, ( I live overseas at the moment). I was advised on what chair would be suitable for the time I had, what fabrics would be suitable and ideas where to source my chair. I only had time to do the one week intensive course at this stage, but what I learnt in that week was incredible. I was a complete beginner and didn't even know how to use a sewing machine. Bob has a way of teaching that encoarages you to try and work on your own but he gives you great instruction and confidence and is always there if you get stuck. Its a great environment to learn in too, I would highly recommend these courses. I will certainly be going back to do their accredited courses in the future.Thanks Bob, love my chair!!


 Phil - Third Man Upholstery - (AMUSF Craft Certificated Course )posted google+ in February 2015. 5 Stars

I did a Level 2 Upholstery course here before starting my own business a few years ago, and can honestly say it was a fantastic experience. I gained an incredible amount of knowledge, and Bob is a great teacher with high standards. I would highly recommend Barnett Upholsteries to anyone looking to learn new something new or refine existing skills.


Marisa Hartley-Brown  - (AMUSF Craft Certificated Course )posted google+ in January 2015. 5 Stars

The teaching is fantastic and Bob is always on call to help. The AMUSF accredited courses are fully comprehensive and it's amazing what students achieve on the intensives courses.This is the best place to learn about the craft of upholstery and have fun along the way!


 Liz Steyn  - (AMUSF Craft Certificated Course )posted google+ in December 2014. 5 Stars

I came to London to do upholstery from South Africa. How unbelievably fortunate that I chose Barnett upholsteries. I have loved every minute of the course. I am doing level 2 and 3 and am just beginning my final project of the course. Bob is an incredible teacher. He respects the fact that we are adults and should take responsibility for our work. If you want to be treated like a grade school student, don't study with him because he does expect maturity, perfection and self evaluation. Even when doing projects on my own, Bobs demand for perfection resonates in my head and consequently the quality of my work doesn't ever lapse. The way he teaches produces some of the very best upholsterers. If he offered a level 4 certificate I would sign up immediately and I would recommend his course to anyone who was serious about doing upholstery.


 Marga Doek  - (AMUSF Craft Certificated Course )posted google+ in December 2014. 5 Stars

I'm so glad I chose Barnett Upholsteries! I recommend this training course to anyone who is curious about upholstery or fully serious about becoming an upholsterer.I'd been looking for a upholstery course for a while and I visited a few within London but at Barnett I found what I was looking for in an upholstery course. At Barnett Upholsteries, I'm currently taking a level 2 upholstery course and I'm loving it. As a student you have to complete 8 projects (including 1 written project) within 42, 5 hour sessions. Bob has a great passion for upholstery and years of experience and he is successfully passing it on. He's encouraging the students to do their research and to come prepared for each session. During these sessions Bob will observe you, and your work and will instruct you during all stages of each project. He will make sure that you understand these steps and why these steps are taken. Bob is a great teacher, but students also learn from each other as everyone is at a different stages and working on different chairs. When the time comes to think about the top fabric than Sara is the person to ask. Her passion for fabrics is amazing and she is always ready to assist you in whatever issue a student might have.


 Caroline Hewitt  - (AMUSF Craft Certificated Course )posted google+ in December 2014. 5 Stars

What a place! I am doing level 2 and 3 and loving it. Bob demands perfection which can be Incredibly frustrating when he is making you redo a piece of work for the umpteenth time but he is inspirational as a teacher. It's fascinating seeing the furniture people bring in for a one week course and the transformation that takes place. Once in the door you become addicted. Sara runs the place with a rod of iron efficiency - even keeps the puppies in order. Highly recommended.


 Louise Muir   - (AMUSF Craft Certificated Course )posted google+ in December 2014. 5 Stars

I chose Barnett Upholsteries to do the Upholstery course after visiting a variety of colleges and websites. The course offered what I wanted and having visited the workshop I was happy with my choice. I have to say, it was the BEST choice!I am working on level 2 and 3 and it is a very intensive course. Bob expects you to work and revise. He is always available if you need him and his skill, expertise and passion is evident. I came to this as a total beginner and it is hard work and so it should be. Bob has 30 years’ experience. If you want to learn how to upholster, sign up, ask questions, observe others and enjoy it. I completely agree with Liz Steyn and would sign up for a level 4 in a flash. I have seen some of the work of the week intensive courses and never cease to be amazed at what the students produce. It is only one week and you are learning new skills – perhaps if you chose to do a week intensive course, discuss with Bob and Sara what you plan to do. It’s called ‘intensive’ for a reason and as in introduction to upholstery, consider what you are hoping to achieve in a week. If you are serious about learning how to upholster, join up. You get to learn so much more with the course work, the discussions and the banter. Take from it what you want – I personally love it and am actually quite proud of what I’m achieving for which I can only thank Bob, Sara, the puppies and the decent folk that attend the course. 


  Alice  Royden  - (AMUSF Craft Certificated Course )posted 26th May 2014.

"You are two of the most interesting and inspiring people I have met and I am so grateful to have had that opportunity.

 A quote for the website: Throw away the Prozac, tear up your therapists number; spend time at Barnett Upholsteries and your worries will fade away. The most satisfying and inspiring course I have ever done"


 Lucy Pellerin  -   (5 Day Intensive Course) Posted 26th May 2014

"I just wanted to drop you a short note to say how much I enjoyed the course last week and to thank you both.

I am thrilled with the way the chair turned out, and that was all down to the instruction and guidance from you, Bob, so I am especially grateful for that.

I have a feeling I may have got the upholstery bug as a result of the course, so I hope to be seeing more of you in due course - maybe for another intensive week working on a project, or potentially for a longer period - I am looking into options :) "


 Dan Howatson -   (Introductory/Leisure Class) Posted 9th March 2014

"I’m really enjoying doing all my upholstery and have you both to thank for it!! Have seriously been considering taking the AMUSF at some point."


 Raphaél Dilhan -  (5 Day Intensive Course ) Posted 25th February 2014.

"I just started on a new job yesterday."

"I really enjoyed the 5 days intensive course though, and I am planning on coming back for the level 2 certificate as soon as I can, I will keep you updated :)

Thanks for the wonderful introduction."


 Eliza Pritchard-Stoop -  (AMUSF Craft Certificated Course, completed in 2013) posted 21th January 2014.

"Before, during and continuing after studying with Bob and Sara they have supported my upholstery development and taught me a huge amount, although i don’t think i will ever know enough. Bobs knowledge of the business is second to none and he is nothing but generous with his time and this knowledge. I now hunt out tricky upholstery pieces so that I can get back to Battersea and the Barnett studios to carry on learning."


 John Stubblings -  ( 5 day Intensive Course) posted 21st November 2013.

"First of all Bob is an excellent and experienced teacher – he teaches by example and mostly one on one, which means you learn at your own speed. There are times when Bob gathers students together to look at a common problem or challenge but this feels like personal tuition rather than being in a class."

To read John's full blog, click on the link.......


 Lydejette de Weerd -   ( 5 day Intensive Course) posted 15th November 2013.

It was a very interesting time I spent with you. Learned a lot (not only in relation to upholstery) and can only (being in the midst of preparations for a conference) think of the good leisure time I had. Special regards to the tues/wed class  by the way – there are some remarkable people there. 


 Ayesha Sowani -    (5 day Intensive Course) posted 11th November 2013

"Thought you guys may like to see what your amazing teaching has allowed me to do! Thanks so much for all that Bob and you have done, you guys have really helped me find a path I love! 


 Gillian Mendy -   (5 day Intensive Course) posted 25th March 2011.

"I learnt so much during the week spent with you guys so thank you for that and I'm now getting ready to do my next project."


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